Tom Ford Soleil

Tom Ford can never do no wrong, he is impeccable and not human at all. Is it even remotely possible to be that perfect? From his creative vision in fashion, film directing, and beauty—Mr. Ford truly has a strong and definite understanding of what it means to be chic, bold, timeless, and sexy. I am immensely impressed by his Spring Soleil Collection. Normally, when brands have these launches promoting the seasonal items, there would be one or two items from the collection that I probably wouldn't care for. However, Mr. Ford creates such beautiful color story where everything speaks to you. There is not one product that I don't absolutely love from his Soleil Collection. Not only am I a makeup artist but also a consumer, I absolutely want everything Mr. Ford touches—even if it's splurging on a $52 lipstick. As long as I have Tom Ford lipsticks, love, and books—my life is complete. After all, Mr. Ford has control on every single item that he puts his name on, including his cosmetics. That is what makes his brand so unique and luxurious. When you make a purchase on a Tom Ford lipstick, blush, or fragrance etc., you can bet he has put thought into every little detail—the packaging, key notes, quality, color, and how it's going to make you feel—it is truly a Tom Ford experience like no other. If I don't have to study Machiavelli right now, I would share a description of each item from his Soleil Collection. As I am limited on time, I'll share with you a product I'm currently swooning over—Tom Ford 'Cream & Powder' Eye Color. It comes in two amazing neutral colors of 'Naked Peach' and 'Golden Bronze'. If you're like me who spends less than 10 minutes on makeup when getting ready, the 'Cream & Powder' is amazing to blend effortlessly and seamlessly on your eyelids with your fingers. Also, I love the shimmer powder to set the cream to add just the right amount of light and dimension on your eyelids—this is great to create the "no makeup" makeup look for the spring/summer.

Posted on April 19, 2016 and filed under Beauty.