Life has been hectic as usual but it is always a joy to squeeze in some time to be creative amidst life's mundaneness. It was such a pleasure to collaborate with such a talented bunch and photographers who introduced me into this new realm of film photography. Quite frankly, I am just a makeup artist but my curiosity has always made me receptive to learning new things and picking up new information when I am working with others on a shoot. Apparently, film photography is all the rage among my photographer friends who I collaborated with on this shoot ( Julian Navarette & Sophie Kawalek), and I must agree on the quality of these images. They are ethereal and I love the milkiness of the skin tone, truly a makeup artist's dream. We were so fortunate to have vendors who supplied us with such beautiful wardrobe and accessories. Also, a big thank you to our beautiful model Alli Cook for her professionalism, cooperation, and patience. 

Posted on March 24, 2016 and filed under Beauty.