The Barely There

As a makeup artist it's almost crucial to be very versatile when it comes to working with different looks. You really wouldn't know what to expect because in the fashion world it's an industry that is constantly changing, evolving, and recycling. When you are working on set with other artists, such as stylists and photographers, you want to make sure you're adding your vision to the execution of the "winning" photos. This is where you let your creativity run wild. But for the most part, when I'm not working with models, I'm working with real women. These are women that are balancing a high-profile career, family obligations, social life, and yet trying to make the time to care for themselves. Unless you're Beyonce, real women do not have the time or the luxury of a glam squad every day to tend their hair and makeup. Realistically, real women I've worked with do prefer a more natural and polished makeup look that they can recreate in less than 5 minutes. The women in New York I must admit are of a fine bred, they are sophisticated and savvy. These women know what they want and at times can be very particular on how they like their hair and makeup. So these are my recommended products on achieving a fresh-faced, barely there look that is easy and effortless for the everyday woman.

Bobbi Brown BB Cream Broad Spectrum Spf 35

Ah... the beloved holy grail BB cream! So where does one even begin with this product? The BB cream, which stands for beauty balm, is the go-to product that is the all-in-one facial cosmetic product. One of my favorite BB creams has got to be Bobbi Brown's and this is the one BB cream that I do recommend for my clients who want a natural coverage in lieu of an actual foundation. This is a light-weight and fuss-free product that is great to wear every day. The BB cream will help cover up your skin's imperfection and even out your skin tone. It also moisturizes and brightens dull skin. Lastly, it helps reduce the look of wrinkles and protects your skin from UVA/UVB rays.

Stila Illuminating Powder Foundation

Hands down this Illuminating Powder Foundation from Stila is probably one of the best in the market. This is a great powder to set over your BB cream if you want a little more coverage. I love the fact that it's so light-weight and has a transparent finish. This powder gives you a radiant and luminous finish without looking cakey. I love how it leaves my skin feeling soft and velvety. I always get compliments on my complexion with this powder and not to mention it has been great to my sensitive skin!

Laura Mercier Illuminating Powder In Mocha Spice

For a touch of warmth and subtle glow sweep this Laura Mercier Illuminating Powder in Mocha Spice over the face. This product can be used as a bronzer or blush. Don't we just love versatility? I love how it has a magic touch to instantly bring your complexion to life. Also, try applying and building it up on the apple of the cheeks for a natural blushing radiance.

M·A·C Eye Brows

When one is going for a very natural look it is very important to look polished at the same time. I always recommend my clients to fill and shape their eyebrows. Eyebrows not only frame the face, but also draw attention to one of your most beautiful assets - your eyes. I love this eyebrow pencil because not only is it long lasting, I love how it feathers in the sparse hair beautifully creating a very natural appearance.

Laura Mercier 'Caviar' Eye Liner And Flat Eye Liner Brush

One of my favorite eyeliners is the Caviar from Laura Mercier used with the flat eye liner brush. I recommend lining in the waterline for the woman that is looking to achieve the most natural look with a simple amplification of her eyes. You can hardly tell if one is wearing eyeliner because this trick gives the illusion of having thicker eyelashes. So instead of lining on top you'd line in the waterline for a more clean, elegant, and polished look.

L'oreal Voluminous Mascara

For the woman that is budget conscious, but wants good results from her mascara this drugstore brand does it for me. A look isn't polished unless you open up those peepers and top it with a coat of mascara. Mascara makes all of the difference by giving a more awake appearance especially when one is wearing very minimal makeup. This mascara will give amazing volume as well as length without the clumping.

 Laura Mercier Eye Base

An eye base is basically what I call concealer for the eyelids. I love how it creates a smooth and polished canvas by erasing the look of darkness and pigmentation we might have on our lids. The result if used alone is a clean, beautiful, and bright eyes. The eye base does come in different shades of neutrals, which makes it look like you have a hint of shadow on. I love using this alone without any eye shadow for my clients that want a very natural and effortless look.

Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Luster

To complete the look I love to use this Tarte Lip Luster in colors Achiote or Glisten. This is a lip treatment with a hint of color that is sheer (but buildable) enough to use every day while softening and moisturizing lips. It is effortless to put on with just a simple swipe like a lip balm, which makes it great to have in our pockets or handbags for touch ups throughout the day.