Brushes 101

As a professional makeup artist and beauty aficionado, I know how important it is to invest in quality application tools. Personally, I think it does make a difference in your makeup application. Whether I'm artistically painting faces or using a paper canvas, the brushes are a huge factor in delivering quality work. There is just something about painting with fine sable hair, the perfect grip of the handle, the brass ferrules that holds the bristles together (a nuisance is the shedding of bristles on the face), and the precision-cut of the bristles for the perfect placement of color whether it's on a face or paper canvas. So many times my clients would tell me on top of the overwhelming selection of beauty products are the broad selection of makeup application tools out on the market. "So what brushes do I use for what purposes?" my clients would ask me. Trust me, you really only need to invest in a few good quality brushes. Some of my favorite makeup brushes are actually from Trish McEvoy. They are a bit pricey from other brands but they are so worth it and will last you for years to come. The story behind Trish McEvoy's brushes began when she was an artist who was unsatisfied with the results of her work. So McEvoy went into an art supply store and purchased brushes from the finest sable hair possible and single-handedly cut and crafted the bristles to ultimate perfection. Below, I made a list of the essential makeup brushes for the flawless makeup application.

Mistake Proof Sheer Application Brush 

This brush is a multifunctional brush for me. You can use this to apply foundation or powder as you wish. I love the wispiness of the bristles that gives you an airbrushed appearance when used with liquid foundation. I also like to use this brush to set my finishing powder because it leaves just the perfect amount without looking too cakey. This brush is perfect for depositing the right amount of bronzer for a sheer and natural appearance.

Brush 40 Medium Laydown

Brush 40 is another great multifunctional brush; this brush is designed for the placement and blending of concealers, creams, powders and liquids to the eyes and face. The medium laydown is the perfect size to apply pigments on the lid; it is also great to hide any dark under eye circles as well as blemishes with liquid or cream concealers.

Brush 54 Va Va Voom Smudge

Brush 54 is tightly packed and perfectly dome-shaped to smudge any powder or pencil eyeliner for a smoky line or to layer color over liner for intensified definition. This is my go-to brush when I want the ultimate sexy smokey eyes. This brush has so much control in the bristles and it makes it great for smudging pencil eyeliner or the deposit of eyeshadows for an intensified look.

Brush 55 Deluxe Blender

Brush 55 is a multifunctional blending brush and is designed for the placement and blending of foundation, creams, and liquids flawlessly into the skin, ensuring an airbrushed look and flawless face. Besides the usage of liquid foundation application, you can use this to apply liquid or cream blushes as you wish.

Brush 11 Precise Eye Lining

This is the brush I would use sometimes in lieu of a pencil eyeliner. When I'm looking for more subtlety when lining the eye I do prefer using brush 11. This brush is designed to easily transform any cream or powder eye shadow into the perfect precise line, alone or over eye pencil. With the straight and fine edge of the bristles you can ensure your eyeliner will look polished and perfect.

Brush 29 Tapered Blending

Brush 29 is tapered with the perfect point at the tip for blending and precision to apply and blend the perfect wash of crease contour on the lid.

Brush 30 Eye Blending

This brush is my absolute favorite. Brush 30 is designed to softly sculpt the eye and seamlessly shade and blend eye colors. I love the softness of this brush and the way it blends with the perfect placement of pigments on my eyes.

Brush 65 Angled Contour

Brush 65 is diagonally shaped to expertly place and blend color on the contours of the face for effortless sculpting power. This brush also is a multifunctional, I either use this as my blush brush or to apply my bronzer for the perfect contour.

Posted on December 16, 2013 and filed under Beauty.